“SSOOT is an extremely well crafted, visually stunning, emotionally rich work…Young Soon Kim makes generic modern-dance vocabulary serve a wide range of expressive functions.”

Lisa Jo Sagoll, Backstage

숯 SSOOT takes its name from a Korean word, which literally translates as charcoal in English
but is also used colloquially to mean “fresh energy.” Choreographed and directed by Young
Soon Kim, SSOOT I received its World Premiere in Ms. Kim‘s 30th Anniversary Celebration at
Dance Theater Workshop in 2007. SSOOT I (opening to dark wood), a two-part full evening
length work for sixteen performers, opens with a delirious highly exposed portrayal of visually
provocative and personally intimate movement. SSOOT expresses the inner conflict of humans
mesmerized by the world’s sorrow and its undeniable beauty. SSOOT seeks to reveal the
emotional landscape and inner lives of its characters in their most raw and vulnerable form
along with the secret longings of utterly human stories. In this work, dancers interact with live
video and edited images simultaneously presented on widescreen monitors by Joel Cantor. The
original costumes were designed by Myung Bohm and Dan Meeker as lighting designer.