MARCO CAPPELLI (composer/musician)

Marco Cappelli is a renowned guitar virtuoso, Cappelli’s extraordinary artistic path began with many years of demanding music studies (Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, Rome; Musik Akademie, Basel). Since then, his diverse accomplishments have been in the classical music, jazz and avant-garde worlds, including associations with musicians Anthony Coleman, Butch Morris, Enrico Rava, Marc Ribot, DJ Logic, and Elliott Sharp, and choreographers Maddalena Scardi, Enrico Tedde, Karole Armitage, and Young Soon Kim. Cappelli is regularly invited to perform by classical music associations and by festivals of jazz music and improvised music, has participated in premieres of new works by composers such as Junghae Lee, Giorgio Tedde, and Claudio Lugo, and has produced recordings, such as The Extreme Guitar Project, featuring ten compositions written for him by leading composers of the New York City Downtown scene. Cappelli is also a charter member of the Ensemble Dissonanzen.
마코 카펠리 (Marco Cappelli, 작곡가/연주자) 기타의 거장으로 유명한 카펠리의 예술 여정은 수년간의 심도있는 음악 공부(Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, Rome; Musik Akademie, Basel) 와 함께 시작되었다. 그 후, 그의 다양한 음악적 기량은 고전 음악, 재즈 그리고 아방가르드 음악 세계에서 선보이며 다양한 협업작품을 발표하였는데, 음악가 Anthony Coleman, Butch Morris, Enrico Rava, Marc Ribot, DJ Logic, and Elliott Sharp 그리고 안무가 Maddalena Scardi, Enrico Tedde, Karole Armitage 그리고 김영순과의 작업이 있다. 카펠리는 클래식 음악과 협연은 물론, 째즈 / 즉흥음악 페스티벌 등에 정기적으로 초청되고 있다. 작곡가 이정희, Giorgio Tedde, and Claudio Lugo 등의 신작 발표 작업에도 참가하고 있다. 한편 뉴욕 다운 타운의 음악계를 이끌고 있는 그가 작곡한 10 개의 작품이 피쳐링된 Extreme Guitar Project 등의 음반을 제작하기도 하였다. 카펠리는 또한 the Ensemble Dissonanzen 의 창립 멤버이기도 하다.

JAMES LEVERETT (dramaturg)

James Leverett began his career as an actor on Broadway and beyond. He created the position of director of Literary Services at Theatre Communications Group (TCG), where he helped initiate many publications, including American Theatre magazine.  He received the first Literary Managers and Dramaturges of the Americas (LMDA) award for services to the field.His writings have appeared in numerous national and international publications, among them the Village Voice and Yale’s Theater for which he is a contributing editor.  He has worked as dramaturg throughout the United States, most recently at the Berkshire Theatre Festival (Heartbreak HouseMrs. Warren’s ProfessionCandidaWaiting for Godot) and the New York Shakespeare Festival (The Bacchae). He is professor in the Department of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at the Yale School of Drama

김기영 (작곡가)

김기영 (작곡가)는 2007 년 김영순의 숯 SSOOT 초연 시 음악 작업을 함께 하였다. 김기영은 경희대 음대 작곡가(학사)와 Vienna 국립음악대 작곡과(Diploma)를 졸업하였다. 90 년 독일 Darmstadt 하계작곡세미나에 참석, 작곡가 John Cage 의 절대적 영향을 받았다. 그 외 Austrai Salznurg 하계음악학교에서 음악이론과 Frankfurt 음악대학 작곡과에서 Hans Zender 에게 사사 받았다. 1996 년 Asian Culture Council(록펠러 재단)에서 수여한 상금을 받고 6 개월 동안 New York 에서 전위예술과 Computer 음악을 연구하였고, 다시 1999 년 일본 국제교류기금(Japn Foundation)에서 수여한 상금을 받고 동경에서 6 개월 간 체류하여 극작가 겸 연출가 기시다 리오와 함께 공동작업을 하였다. 2005 년에는 무용월간지 “몸”에서 선정한 올해의 예술가 상(무대예술)을 수상하였다. 작품으로는 다수의 실내음악과 무용음악, 연극 그리고 performance 를 위한 곡이 있으며 대표적 공연으로는 Above and Below (춤, 홍신자, 코펜하겐 국제무용제) (1994) , Round Dance(무용음악/1995),”안티고네”(시립극단 서울국제 연극제/1997), 멜버른 국제무용제 개막공연(춤:오스트레일리아 발레단), 샘터화랑 현대음악과의 만남 중 3 개의 Viloin Solo, 5.18 항생 20 주년 기념극 “봄날” (김아라 연출/2000) 등 외 국내외 정상급 예술가들과 30 여편의 공연예술 작품 및 연주를 한 바 있다. 세계적인 안무가 트와일라 타프가 그의 음악을 쓰기도 했다. 현재 국민대학교 공연예술학부 무용학과 교수로 재직중이다.

DAVID TIROSH(filmaker)

David Tirosh Originally from Israel, David is a multi-media artist, performer and designer. David is the Co-Founder of WAX, a supportive environment that inspires discourse among artists in all media. In 2004, he became the Company Manager of 3-Legged Dog, freelance designer, performer, artistic advisor and media support. In 2008 he became the Technical Director of Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo and the Managing Director of the HomeBase project. Most recently he co-founded with designer Alex Koch Ghost Corporeal, a collaborative collective design house.데이비드 티로시(David Tirosh) 비디오 영상 & 필름)는이스라엘 출신으로 멀티 미디어 작가이자, 공연자, 디자이너로 영상 아티스트들에게 활발한 창작작업을 할 수 있도독 지원하는 AX 의 공동 창립자이다. 2004 년, 미디어 & 연극 종합 그룹 3-Legged Dog 의 컴퍼니 매니저로 활동하, 프리랜서 디자이너, 공연자, 예술조언자 그리고 매체 지지자로 활동하였다. 2008 년 그는 예술인 커뮤니티 지역 덤보에 위치한 갈라파고스 예술공간 기술감독, HomeBase Project 의 감독을 지냈다. 최근에는 디자이너, 알렉스 코치 고스트(Alex Koch Ghost Coporeal)와 콜러보레이티브 콜렉티브 디자인 하우스(Collaborative collective design house)를 공동 창립하였다.

DANIEL MEEKER (Lighting Designer)

DANIEL MEEKER (Lighting Designer)Daniel Meeker is a freelance lighting and set designer based in Portland Oregon. His work has been seen in theaters throughout the United States. For White Wave he designed soot at Dance Theatre Workshop as well as several festival productions at the John Ryan Theatre.
Most recently he designed the lighting for Nai-Ni Chen’s collaboration with the Ahn Trio entitled Temptation of The Muses. He earned degrees from Ithaca College and The Yale
School of Drama, member of United Scenic Artists.


Emily Pope-Blackman is a performing artist, teacher, choreographer, and video artist. She is an alumnus (1991) of the North Carolina School of the Arts, received her BFA in Dance Performance/Choreography from The Ohio State University and her MFA in Dance/Choreography from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed/toured with White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company, johannes wieland, Charleston Ballet Theater, BalletMet Ohio, Bridget Moore Dance, and Chimaera Physical Theater.  Currently, Emily tours as a performer in NYC as member of White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company, Hilary Easton + Co., and Tamar Rogoff Productions. Ms. Pope-Blackman is the choreographer and founding member of HoverBound Performance Productions.


Timothy Ward hails from Abita Springs, Louisiana. He holds a BFA in dance from The Juilliard School. He can be seen dancing with the Merce Cunningham Repertory Group, Mary Seidman and Dancers, Tze Chun Dance Company, Douglas Dunn & Dancers and Pat Catterson. Now he is delighted to join the ranks of Young Soon Kim’s White Wave. Thanks to everyone for everything.    


Amanda Hinchey is originally from Winchester, Massachusetts,  she attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and received her BFA in 2009. Amanda has danced professionally with Loraine Chapman the Company, Mari Meade Dance Collective, Amalgamate Dance Company and is currently also dancing with Chen & Dancers. She was one of the recipients of 2010-2011 William R. Kenan Fellowship at Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education, where she presented her choreography at the Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center. This is Amanda’s first season with the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Company.          


Trenard, a Miami-native, attended the New World School of
the Arts College as a fellowship student. Soon after training,
he performed internationally as an aerial artist with Royal
Caribbean International, awarded by the National Foundation
for Advancement in the Arts a Finalist in Modern Dance, also
a gold medalist by the NAACP ACT-SO competition.
Currently performs with Company Stefanie Batten Bland’s
French American based troupe; uniting universal beliefs, styles
and artists continent to continent. He recently assisted Ms.
Bland on a new work for Ailey II “Legacy of Inheritance”,
which premieres in Athens, Greece this fall. Trenard played
Alonzo in the Central and South American tour of CATS.


Mei Yamanaka is from Tokyo, Japan. Upon graduation she relocated to New York in 2008. Originally trained in classical ballet, Mei searched to dance more freely and began to study hip hop, modern, and contemporary. She has worked with Jennifer Archibald, Saul Ulerio, Eunhee Lee, Malcolm Low, Jenni Hong, and others. Her own choreographic works have been presented at The Tank, club ASIA, Jennifer Muller/The works, Dance Masters of America, New Steps, LITTERA URBAN, and in Japan. Mei is currently a Fresh Tracks resident artist at Dance Theatre Workshop. This is Mei’s second season with WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company.


Kyla Ernst-Alper began her dance training in Vermont, where she performed with Patricia Wilson’s Dunham technique-based dance company and was mentored by Dana Holby. She studied with Christine Sarry, Daniel Levans and Richard Thomas at the Ballet Tech School in New York City and joined Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech at the age of 16. Since then Kyla has danced with C. Eule Dance, Elisa Monte Dance, Battery Dance Company, Sensedance, Williams Works, Kenny Larson, Yep Collaborative and Dzul Dance. Kyla has taught dance throughout her career, including at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and as a guest at Marlboro College. She is currently a second-degree black belt and studies Shaolin Kung Fu with Thad Wong at the New York City Shaolin Center. Kyla works as a producer and editor at Spin The Bottle, a multimedia content company in New York City, where she has worked on shows for Animal Planet, Travel Channel and Verizon Fios, among many others.


Miguel Anaya is a Mexican-American artist living and working in New York City.Anaya, dancer, choreographer, and photographer has performed with Bill.T.Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co, Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project, Liz Gerring Dance Co, Other Shore Dance Co, and Martha Clark’s Garden of Earthly Delights amongst other dance projects. In 2007 Anaya was assistant choreographer to Bill.T.Jones on the TONY award-winning Spring Awakening. He is currently working with Company Stefanie Batten Bland. A proud alumni of the 23rd annual highly prestigious Eddie Adams Photography Workshop, he is also one of the founding members of NYC BRIDGE PROJECT, a photography program designed to support at risk youth in the Bronx.  Anaya continues to fuse his dance and photographic worlds, and is currently creating his next dance piece The Shadows We Make mentored by Ron Brown funded by Harlem Stage, E-Moves. This is Miguel’s first season with the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Company.


Jake Szczypek is originally from New Haven, CT. He began his movement career studying gymnastics and springboard diving for the majority of his childhood and adolescence. Discovering dance in his teens, he went on to receive a BA in dance from Sarah Lawrence College. Working as a freelance dancer in NYC, Jake has also worked with many others over the years, and can currently be seen dancing for Douglas Dunn & Dancers, Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects, Mary Seidman & Dancers, and choreographing his own work on high schoolers in Westchester. This is Jake’s first season dancing with WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance


Juhwan Hwangis native from Seoul, Korea. He studied architect design and dance choreography. He has also taken many advanced composition workshops in Korea, and throughout Europe. He explored his own style and voice as he went rather than sticking to one place of study. He was performed at Arko Arts Theater small hall, Jung Dong Theaters, Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater, and LIG Art Hall. He was a member of TES Dance Company in Korea and then moved to USA in 2008. In USA, he has trained primarily at DNA. Juhwan has performed Kumble Theater at Brooklyn College, DMAC, Judson Church, John Ryan Theater, and Dance Space at Washington DC. He danced with Diane McCathy, Sunhwa Jung, and most recently began working with Jinju Song-Begin, Kuan-Yu Chen, Nellie Rainwater, and Karen Srikalima Harvey. Currently he is also member of the WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company. 


Misuzu Hara is a modern dancer and extensive and esteemed
training which started at the age of 4. She has trained in ballet and contemporary at Dance New Amsterdam (New York), Showa University of Music (Japan), Segawa Ballet Academy (Japan), and Sakai Ballet Studio (Japan) dance. She has since established an original style mixing ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. She has performed as a dancer with such prestigious companies as: the Arch Dance Company, and Nathantrice/RITUALS in NYC. Her work has been presented at the Fresh Tracks Dance Theater Workshop, DMA Center Stage, Chen Dance Center, and The Mercer Cunningham Studio in NYC. 


Faith Hunter Kimberling grew up in Maryland, received a B.A. in English from Bucknell, and has had the pleasure of dancing in small off-broadway theaters and intimate lofts to grand theaters such as the Southern Theater in Ohio and New York’s City Center. Faith is thrilled to be working on this show and dancing again with WAVE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company, with whom danced for many years and had the opportunity to perform in China and Inner Mongolia. Faith currently dances with C. Eule Dance and Lori Belilove’s Isadora Duncan Dance Company. Faith has also worked with Pilobolous Creative Services, Linda Diamond and Company, Molissa Fenley, and Anna Sokolow in addition to performing in many musicals regionally and in New York.
Faith teaches creative movement, Isadora Duncan technique, and ballet, modern and jazz to children, teens, and adults.